Gatsby Cap in Multi Tweed - Size 7 1/2"

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Description: Gatsby Cap in Multi Tweed - Size 7 1/2"

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Details for Gatsby Cap in Multi Tweed - Size 7 1/2"

The latest addition to the range is our sized collection. Available in our two signature styles, the Gatsby and the Bond. The sized cap features a beautifully soft blue lining and is fitted with a brass S.U button to the exterior, which is machined in house at our engineering works in Salisbury.

The 14oz new wool tweed is made on age old looms in the Scottish border town of Hawick. The tweed is then hand cut and stitched in the traditional method of English cap making, each one individually crafted from start to finish. Careful attention is made to match up the tweed pattern and experienced pressing finally moulds the cap into its finished shape.

Setting the peak.

 If you wish to set the peak of your cap to get that worn in look, just heat it gently with an iron until it becomes malleable, then leave to cool and set in something round like a pint glass or flower pot.